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Non Medical Home Care Legislative Update

Presented by, Roni Mayben, Owner/Administrator Heritage Senior Care

1/1/14 AB241 Requires ALL Home Care Employers, (including private party) to pay 1.5x Min Wage after 9 hours a day / 45 per week.

Raising Live-in costs from $250 per day to $300 per day. (based on min wage at $8)

7/1/14 AB10 Raised the Minimum wage to $9 per hr. Causing Live-in rates to increase to $350 per day.

1/8/15 The California Supreme Court in Mendiola v. CPS Security Solutions ruled that employers couldn’t deduct sleep time where a California wage order does not specifically allow for the deduction of sleep time. Raising Live-in costs to $500+ per day or splitting up to 3- 8-hour shifts at $480 per day (based on Min wage at $9)

1/1/16 AB10 Raises the CA minimum wage to $10 per hour. Expect another increase on Hourly wages and Live-in if applicable. **This will raise Live-in costs to 600+ per day

** Now in State legislation SB3, which will raise Min Wage to $11 per hour on 1/1/16…then $13 on 7/1/17. (Senate just passed bill) This will raise Live-in Costs to 650+ per day

7/1/15 AB1522 Requires all employers to pay sick time. Every employee that works at least 30 days per year accrues 1 hour per every 30 hours worked. Accrual begins 7/1/15.

1/1/16 AB1217 Non Medical Home Care Agencies to be licensed. ALL Home Care Workers, regardless of employment, will be certified, trained, background checked and placed on a public registry. Regulatory details are being formed at State level. DSS is working with industry leaders to set up.

1/1/15 Affordable Care Act begins…unknown, as of yet how this will affect Home Care Costs. Expect an increase based on our experience with this.

now in State Legislation AB782 to also License DRA’s. This could be good news?
Currently NO non-medical home care companies hold ANY license other than a business license. They have just begun to prepare regulations thru DSS for non-medical agencies only. DRA’s refer caregivers for “private hire” and remain completely un-regulated as of now. No regulations in legislation for “underground caregiving” ie: craigs list,….
Elderly and even referral sources are confused by all this, believing that all companies are actually doing business right and are being monitored. Not true…75% of companies do NOT employ, screen, train, supervise or insure their workers.

Roni Mayben is available for a free educational presentation to explain these changes to your group.
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Roni Mayben, CSA, Long Term Care Specialist

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